13 fret  Blues  

The Ukulele has become a very popular choice if instrument in recent years. We make all sizes and all with top grade solid wood.

Orchestra Model 


The largest guitar we make. A powerful guitar with amazing projection. It's large sound chamber produces a distinct tone with pronounced mid-range and treble clarity.

The most popular style for fingerpicking. What it lacks in bass over the larger guitars it makes up in pure treble tones. Often used by lead players who explore all frets. It's compact size make it easy to handle.

These guitars are special order only. They have a rich and powerful jazzy sound. The tops are  Sitka Spruce or Red Cedar, and the backs are Walnut or Maple. The top and back are hand carved from 2 inch thick billets that have unparalleled volume.


Hand Carved Archtop


This is the most popular style guitar sold. It is a true workhorse that loves to be played hard. It produces a strong  but not over powering bass with ringing trebles. A great guitar for flat picking.

 She may look small but the volume and tone surprises everyone who plays it. Amazing bass and ringing trebles. A great blues guitar.